Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Grand Kerala Shopping Festival Coupon Winner-Prize-Results/GKSF Coupon Winner-Prize-Results

Grand Kerala Shopping Festival Coupon Winner/Prize/Result
                         The Grand Kerala Shopping Festival is started on 2007 that year the dates was Dec 1 to next year Jan 15 (46 days) from that year Entire Kerala is participating in this festival.Grand Kerala Shopping Festival is conducted by Tourism Department in co-ordination with the Industries & Commerce Department , Finance Department and Local Self Government Department of kerala state.

  • This Year is the 5th version:
  • This year also the Dates are 1 Dec to 15th Jan
  • The Daily Coupon Winner-Prize-Results of  Grand Kerala Shopping Festival  is availabe in the Offical website :

For Getting results Visit  :https://www.shoppingfestival.in/winners.php

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